Lawyer Representing Locked Down Staten Island Bar Criticizes Pete Davidson After ‘SNL’ Mocks Their Protest

(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

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The lawyer of the co-owner of the Staten Island bar that defied New York City’s coronavirus restrictions criticized Pete Davidson after he mocked protests during “Saturday Night Live.”

Owner Keith McAlarney, his attorney Lou Gelormino and activist John Tabacco criticized Davidson’s “Weekend Update” jokes during a press conference Monday, according to Fox News.

“I kind of almost feel like the ignorance level is so high now that you have mega-millionaires in the national spotlight, like the folks on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and instead of making fun of their friends and the local business owners who are broke and crushed and bankrupt, instead of coming down here as fellow Staten Islanders and standing up for them and bringing a positive light to this thing, what they want to do is go on national TV and try to humiliate the little man when he’s down, and to me that’s quite disgusting,” Tabacco said, according to Fox News. (RELATED: ‘Cuomo Sucks!’: Hundreds Gather To Support Staten Island Bar Owner Who Was Arrested For Violating Lockdown Restrictions)

The bar was the site of protests Wednesday night as hundreds gathered to support the bar owners after the bar was shut down over coronavirus restrictions. Co-owner Danny Presti was arrested the same night because he refused to leave the restaurant and was deemed to be trespassing, according to Gelormino.

“We had 2,000 people here in a peaceful, respectful rally,” Gelormino said, according to Fox News. “They actually cleaned up when they left. We had 50-100 people cleaning up the street when they left. Maybe ‘Saturday Night Live’ should be mocking the people that looted and rioted and destroyed our great city of Manhattan and the rest of our great cities in this country.”

Davidson brought up the bar from his hometown during the “Weekend Update” segment and commented on how the owners refused to do outdoor service.


“The owner said no one wants to do that ’cause they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said during the episode. “But the argument that people in Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be disproven by going to literally any Little League game.”

Davidson further joked that he is “no longer the first thing people think of when they say, ‘What’s the worst thing about Staten Island?'”