Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel Blasts California’s Lockdown Rules

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California celebrity chef and founder of Slapfish Seafood Andrew Gruel told the Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman that he plans on keeping his restaurants open for outdoor dining despite recent lockdown restrictions barring the practice.

“It’s always our goal to make sure our guests are as safe as possible. This is a real difficult situation we’re in because we don’t fully understand the science,” Gruel said. “When it comes to banning outdoor dining, we do not feel that it is necessary.”

“We’re going to remain open on our patios and continue to make sure we’re being as safe as possible,” he continued. Gruel said he’s considering moving his business out of state to places like Florida if lockdown restrictions continue to prevent him from staying open. (RELATED: REPORT: Business Owner In California Says He’s Forced To Flee State Over Lockdown Restrictions)


Gruel made headlines after posting a video to Twitter calling out Democratic state Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new set of restrictions.

“I can go get a pink cockatoo for my Christmas tree, but I can’t go and dine outdoors at a restaurant. I can go to Target. Amazon is making tons of money. All big businesses are getting rich,” Gruel said in the viral video. “Outdoor dining does not lead to any of that. Therefore, screw that. We’re staying open outdoors. It’s that simple. I’m not an asshole. The Governor is.”

Most of Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and areas in Central Valley are under a three-week lockdown, according to the Associated Press. The new restrictions ban both indoor and outdoor dining, among other things.

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