Check Out How These Special Operations Veterans Are Saving Coral Reefs

Maranda White House Correspondent
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Force Blue Co-Founder Jim Ritterhoff, retired Marine Corps Sergeant and Force Blue Director of Strategy and Advancement Will Hinkson and Team 2 Member Jay Casello joined Daily Caller’s White House Correspondent Maranda Finney to discuss their shared project Force Blue, Inc.

The trio explained how Force Blue, Inc. serves to help Special Operations veterans transition out of active duty, while also working to revive and restore the growlingly endangered coral reefs around the world.

Hinkson explained how Force Blue helped him transition out of active service: “The thing that most of us crave more than anything is else is that sense of teamwork, that sense of a mission that’s bigger and larger than yourself … I know for me and most of the guys I’m super close with that’s the thing we miss the most. That’s the hardest part of transitioning” Hinkson said. “When [he] got to go over to the Caymans, it was within an hour of us getting together, it felt the same.”

To see just what this organization is truly all about, watch the interview below. (RELATED: 81-Year-Old Former Marine Fends Off Three Burglars With Antique Walking Stick)

If you would like to help Force Blue continue and expand its mission, click on the link below.

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