Police Launch Investigation After Swastika Found In German Parliament Building

(Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

Autumn Klein Contributor
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German police have started an investigation after discovering a swastika etched into an elevator in a German parliament building Sunday, according to The Independent. 

The swastika was discovered by Alexander König, staffer for a parliament member of the Green Party, in an elevator of the Jakob-Kaiser-Haus office building, The Independent reported. 

König posted a picture of the symbol on his Twitter, including the hashtag “Nazisim Bundestag,” which translates to “Nazis in parliament.”

König later added that he had informed the police and the swastika had been taped over.

A spokesperson for the German parliament confirmed that, “the position in the elevator in a Bundestag office building has been temporarily taped over,” The Independent reported. (RELATED: ‘Irresponsible And Unacceptable’: Lawmakers Demand Removal Of Nazi Swastika Gravestones)

In Germany, any symbols deemed “anti-constitutional” are banned. Nazi symbols, including the swastika and salute, as well as German Communist Party and Islamist extremist symbols are included in this ban, according to The Independent. 

If caught going against these laws, offenders may face up to three years in prison, per The Independent.