Scottie Pippen Wasn’t A Fan Of ‘The Last Dance,’ Didn’t View The Documentary As ‘That Accurate’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen wasn’t overly impressed with “The Last Dance.”

The incredible ESPN documentary shined a light on Michael Jordan’s rise to superstardom and Pippen’s role in the process. While Jordan’s sidekick looked good for most of the series, he apparently wasn’t overly pleased, and the retired NBA star elaborated during an interview with The Guardian. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Pippen told The Guardian the following about his views on the hit series:

I don’t think it was that accurate in terms of really defining what was accomplished in one of the greatest eras of basketball, but also by two of the greatest players – and one could even put that aside and say the greatest team of all time. I didn’t think those things stood out in the documentary. I thought it was more about Michael trying to uplift himself and to be glorified [the series was co-produced by Jordan’s Jump 23 company]. I think it also backfired to some degree in that people got a chance to see what kind of personality Michael had.

Pippen also told The Guardian that he informed Jordan of his displeasure with “The Last Dance,” and the six-time NBA champion “accepted it.”

This is honestly incredibly soft from Pippen, but it’s not surprising. There’s been a lot of chatter since “The Last Dance” aired that he wasn’t happy.

I’m not really sure what his beef is. Okay, he didn’t enter a game when called upon and accepted a bad contract.

That’s on him. That’s not on Michael Jordan. “The Last Dance” made Pippen look outstanding for 95% of the series, and Jordan showered him with praise.

If he has a problem with how it went down, then he should just toughen up!

Jordan was the star, and Pippen was the number two on the Bulls. He played a huge role, but he was far from perfect.

It’s truly that simple. Also, if you haven’t seen “The Last Dance” yet, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s absolutely incredible.