Ohio Legislature Passes Bill That Will Help Protect Free Speech At Public Colleges

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images / Daily Caller screen grab)

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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TPUSA Ambassador Sophia Fisher talked to the Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee about Ohio Senate Bill 40, which proponents say will help allow conservatives to speak at public universities in Ohio.

Fisher, a sophomore at the University of Akron, told the Daily Caller she has previously been a target on her campus because of her conservative political beliefs.

“From my own personal experience, I’ve been the subject of intolerance and harassment and I’ve seen it on campus. So I was able to tell them first hand what I’ve experienced, and the benefit of this bill,” Fisher said.

The new legislation passed last week will set up free speech zones on campuses and bans public universities in Ohio from stopping conservative speakers from coming to campuses. (RELATED: College To Pay Students For Violating Their Free Speech)

“It is going to benefit both sides, it’s civil liberties, it’s the constitution, it goes back to the first amendment. We’re not trying to create something new. We’re trying to protect what already exists,” Fisher told the Daily Caller.

Watch the full video to find out more about the fight for free speech on campuses and in the workplace.


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