CNN’s Don Lemon Predicts That Despite Recent Rise, Newsmax ‘Will Never Be As Powerful As Fox News’

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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CNN’s Don Lemon brushed aside Newsmax’s recent rise in ratings and told host Chris Cuomo that the smaller conservative network “will never be as powerful as Fox News” on Tuesday evening.

The duo spoke at the end of Lemon’s show and Cuomo brought up the news that Newsmax’s “Greg Kelly Reports” beat out Fox’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” in the key 25-54 age demographic on Monday for the first time ever. Lemon suggested that the win will be short-lived but added that Fox News will never be the same. (RELATED: Newsmax Notches A Ratings Win Against Fox News For The First Time)

“This is my prediction … By March, it’ll all moderate,” Lemon said. “Right, and then Newsmax will be where it is, you know. Fox will never be the … have it’s former glory, but it’ll all moderate. Newsmax will be Newsmax but it won’t be as powerful as Fox News.”

“It will never be as powerful as Fox News,” he continued.


Lemon noted that “the other cable networks have had competition … for people who said they’re non biased, they’re in the middle, they’re independent.” He called Fox “the only far-right conservative network” and said they have not had to deal with competition in the past, as they are currently.

“So the playing field, in some way, is leveling,” Lemon said. “But it will moderate. [President Donald] Trump will be marginalized somewhat by March and Fox News will get back to something but it won’t be – it’ll be a shell of its former self, but still very powerful.”