Dagen McDowell Says Pelosi ‘Turned Her Back’ On Americans By Not Agreeing To Coronavirus Relief Prior To 2020 Election

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Dagen McDowell said Wednesday that Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had turned their backs on Americans to win an election.

McDowell argued that Democrats had intentionally put off an agreement on coronavirus relief, despite the millions of Americans who needed the help, in the hopes that it would prevent President Donald Trump from winning reelection. (RELATED: ‘They Laugh At Anyone Who Speaks With An Accent’: Fox News Panel Gets Heated Over Viral Don Lemon Clip)


Fox News Host Dana Perino began the segment of “The Daily Briefing” with a clip from Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, who said that the election had certainly been a factor with regard to delays in an agreement on a relief package.

Perino then introduced McDowell, pivoting to a clip of Pelosi blaming Republicans for delaying coronavirus aid prior to the election.

“Nancy Pelosi has neither heart nor conscience, because this isn’t just callous, what the Democrats are doing,” McDowell replied. “Some of these comments from Sen. Dick Durbin, it almost feels like they are running a victory lap on the backs of people they’ve broken asunder by this crisis. It’s not callous, it’s sadistic.”

“Does Nancy Pelosi feel all tingly on the inside knowing that she basically turned her back on the American people, but she won a victory over Donald Trump for her own political greed and gain because she withheld money from those very people who need it?” McDowell continued. “You know the Democrats are supposed to be the party for the working man and woman, it turns out it might be the party of sociopaths.”

McDowell went on to say that she predicted in October that Democrats would delay aid until after the election in the hopes that afterward they would have more power to leverage over Republicans.

“I’m not going to turn around on you, but why does Nancy Pelosi have a job?” she asked.

Perino concluded by noting that moderate Democrats had reportedly tried to warn Pelosi that a failure to pass coronavirus aid before the election could hurt them.