Fort McCoy Teams Up With Make-A-Wish To Show 8-Year-Old What It’s Like To Be A Soldier

REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

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Fort McCoy teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to show an 8-year-old boy what it’s like to be a soldier for a day.

Miguel Garcia experienced the day back in November, according to an article shared Dec. 2 by the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs (DMA). Garcia’s wish was to be an Army soldier. He spent the day guiding soldiers in landing a helicopter, touring a variety of military equipment and participating in hands-on simulation training, according to the article.

Black Hawk pilot Capt. Nickolas Sinopoli said having Miguel land the military helicopter using the radio was “one of the most gratifying moments” of his career. (RELATED: Trump Surprises Army Wife With Her Husband’s Homecoming)

“From Miguel clearing us to land, to pinning the wings on his chest, and hoisting him into the pilot’s seat, I’ll never forget it,” Sinopoli said, according to the Wisconsin DMA. “One of the most rewarding things about flying is sharing the magic of aviation with others. Making Miguel’s wish happen was one of the most gratifying moments of my flying career. The smile on his face make it all worth it. The entire crew was on cloud nine coming back to Madison after meeting Miguel.”

Air traffic controller James Tomsovic told the outlet that it was “awesome” to see the excitement Garcia had.

“It was awesome to see the expression on Miguel’s face when the UH-60 maneuvered close to the tower cab where he and the air crew shared a hand wave or two with one another,” Tomsovic reportedly said.