Wild Video Shows A Bird Eating An Alligator

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: Universal Media Online)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A wild video surfaced Tuesday showing a bird in Florida’s Lake Apopka devouring an alligator almost effortlessly.

Yes, you read that correctly. The clip was shared on YouTube credited to FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. It was noted by TooFAb.com.  (RELATED: Australian Fisherman Remains Impressively Calm While Great White Shark Bites Off Piece Of Boat)

In the nearly one-minute long clip, we witness the Great Blue Heron searching around for something to eat in the wetlands and finding a baby alligator. In what appeared to be a matter of seconds, the bird swoops up the gator and swallowed him whole. (RELATED: 12-Foot Great White Shark Surprises Researcher When It Jumps Right Out Of The Water In ‘Wild’ Video)



In the TooFab piece, video and pictures of the wild moment from a slightly different angle are credited to photographer, Shellie Gilliam, who works at the Florida Wildlife and Exotic Animal Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center.

“YES, A bird can eat an alligator!” Shellie wrote on FB. “This Savage Great Blue Heron spent a half hour killing and consuming a large juvenile Alligator near Lake Apopka.”


“I spotted it just after it had captured the alligator a few hundred yards away and then it flew with the alligator in his mouth to this spot where he consumed it,” she added. “Just Wow! I posted my photos too.”

Yes, A bird can eat an alligator! If it’s Savage enough… Amazing Photo series and a video clip I shot of a Great Blue…

Posted by Shellie Gilliam on Sunday, December 6, 2020

Pictures of the bird eating the alligator also surfaced on social media. Check it out!