Los Angeles Restaurant Owners Protest Outdoor Dining Ban


Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Restaurant and bar owners rallied together to protest outside the home of Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl after the county banned outdoor dining for at least three weeks.

Bar owner Angela Marsden of Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill was one of the organizers for the protest after Kuehl was seen dining outside a restaurant in Santa Monica the same day she voted to ban outdoor dining.

“On Wednesday I shut down completely, I had last paychecks and groceries for my staff,” Marsden said as she laid off the majority of her staff once the ban on outdoor dining was official.

“This week has been really tough man, I had to let everybody go,” owner of Paragon Bar and Grill Allen Adams said. “Just two guys in the kitchen now, and if things don’t pick up I’m going to have to let them go too.”

Kuehl was one of three supervisors that voted in support to ban outdoor dining in Los Angeles County which passed 3-2.  (RELATED : LA Judge Leaves Outdoor Dining Ban In Place But Demands To See Evidence Supporting The Policy)

“As out of late we have had alot of customers coming in and saying that they have to leave the state and go somewhere the taxes aren’t as high,” Nick Kershner, owner of Matchless IT in Long Beach, said. Kershner is at risk of losing his business due to so many of his customers now leaving California.

“They have to go somewhere where their expenses aren’t so high so they can actually pay their employees” Kershner added.


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