Original Bassist Jason Slater For Third Eye Blind Dies At 49

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The original bassist for Third Eye Blind has died at the age of 49.

Jason Slater, who played with the band for one year, died Wednesday from liver failure, his daughter Alyssa Carlson confirmed to TMZ. Carlson claimed Slater kept his condition a secret and only told her when he ended up in the hospital last month, the outlet reported.

A representative for Third Eye Blind claimed the band had not spoken to Slater since 1996.

“When a spirited member of the music scene is taken too soon it is always a sad time,” the representative told the outlet. (RELATED: Country Singer Hal Ketchum Dies At 67 From Dementia Complications)

Slater held the role of the band’s bassist and back up vocalist when Third Eye Blind formed in 1993. He left the band a year later, after the group had recorded its first demo.

The band would go on to release its first self-titled album in 1997. The album included hits such as “Jumper” and “Semi-Charmed Life.” Third Eye Blind most recently released the album “Screamer” in 2019. The album is the sixth studio album released by the band.

After his short-lived time with Third Eye Blind, Slater went on to become a bassist for a handful of other bands including Snake River Conspiracy, Microdot, Revenge of the Triads and Brougham.