‘That Was Offensive’: Harris Faulkner Calls Out Fox News Colleague Marie Harf For Taking ‘Shot’ Against Show

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner scolded “Outnumbered” co-anchor Marie Harf for purportedly taking a “shot” at the show for the timing of discussing recent COVID-19 dead tolls.

As cases have consistently logged in above 200,000 per day, the U.S. reached a new grim record for coronavirus deaths Wednesday with the toll approaching 3,300.

After some discussion about COVID-19-regulation hypocrisy on the part of Democratic leaders, Harf lamented that the death toll hadn’t been mentioned “43 minutes into this show” before defending the officials as “not always perfect” but “trying everything.”


“I feel like, Marie, you took a shot at us there and maybe you felt like it was necessary, I don’t know, but if you don’t think that our hearts are big enough to mourn for the people who we have lost during this pandemic, what exactly are you trying to say?” Faulker responded. “That is offensive and it is not true. It is not true.”

Faulkner went on to suggest leaders not “destroy everything in the process of trying to save it.”

“Please, keep your judgment someplace where you know you can fact check it because you can’t see my heart and trust me when I tell you it hurts all of us to lose those Americans and people around the world.” (RELATED: Harris Faulkner Tells Marie Harf To ‘Take A Seat’ During Exchange About Trump Refusing To Answer Questions)

After an exchange about how much to talk about it, Harf said, “We aren’t enough. It’s my opinion and I get to give my opinion.”