REPORT: US To Sanction Turkey Over Purchase Of Russian Missile System

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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The United States is preparing to sanction Turkey for purchasing a Russian S-400 air defense missile system, sources told Reuters.

Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ally, purchased the Russian S-400 system last year, Reuters reported. U.S. officials reportedly told Reuters the sanctions could be announced in a matter of days.

Ismail Demir, head of Turkey’s Presidency of Defence Industries, would be targeted in the new sanctions, Reuters reported.

The U.S. has issued a series of warnings in an attempt to get Turkey to back down from tightening its relationship with Russia through the purchase of the missile system, but is now set on implementing these sanctions since Turkey has not changed trajectory, sources told Reuters. (RELATED: Russia Gives Missiles To Turkey Despite Months Of US Attempts To Stop The Move)

“Sanctions would not achieve a result but be counter-productive. They would harm relations,” a senior Turkish official told Reuters.

“Turkey is in favour of solving these problems with diplomacy and negotiations. We won’t accept one-sided impositions,” the unnamed official added.

Others fear that the sanctions could undermine President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to create a relationship with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. U.S. sanctions could impact Turkey’s currency, the lira, and the country’s economy more broadly, according to Reuters.

The U.S. has already removed Turkey from the F-35, a fighter jet developed by Lockheed Martin, program because of Turkey’s S-400 purchase, reported.