HISTORIC: Trump Does It Again, Israel And Morocco Normalize Ties

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Joshua Meservey, a senior policy analyst in African and Middle East studies at the Heritage Foundation, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the normalization of relations between Morocco and Israel, future U.S. foreign policy and more.

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that Morocco and Israel have brokered a deal to normalize relations. Morocco will be the fourth Arab country to do so under the Abraham Accords.

“It’s very significant,” Meservey said. “It’s great for Middle East peace. The more Arab states that recognize Israel, that recognize its right to exist the better off for everyone in that region.”(RELATED: President Trump Mediates Agreement For Normalization Between Israel And Bahrain)

“I think the Trump administration does deserve a lot of credit here,” he said. “This is extraordinary progress frankly in just the course of four months where we’ve had previous administrations that didn’t think these sorts of things were possible.”

“The current administration didn’t subscribe to that analysis.”

Meservey also discussed what he anticipates foreign policy will look like under a Biden-Harris administration, policy comparisons between former President Barack Obama and Trump and more.


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