Navy Searching For Suspected Man Overboard Off The USS Roosevelt

Sean Lynch/Handout via REUTERS

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A search for a Navy sailor overboard the USS Roosevelt began early Thursday.

A lookout aboard the aircraft carrier spotted what appeared to be a “sailor in the water” around 7:30 AM according to the Navy Times. The ship had set sail from San Diego and was just off the coast of Southern California.  The official alert went out about 12 hours later once their was evidence that a sailor was missing after a commandwide muster was completed as stated in a U.S. Third Fleet press release. (RELATED: Navy To Bolster Presence In Western Pacific By Reforming First Fleet To Counter China)

Initially there were 3 search and rescue helicopters along with an inflatable boat used to launch the rescue efforts. The Navy further called on the U.S. Coast Guard and 4 other fellow ships in the Naval fleet, according to the U.S. Third Fleet presser.

The ship had been docked in San Diego since July after a significant coronavirus outbreak had occurred back in the spring forcing the aircraft carrier to dock in Guam for several weeks, The Hill reported. One sailor died during that outbreak. A message posted on the ship ombudsman’s private Facebook page reads, “the sailor’s primary next-of-kin have been notified and we will continue doing everything we can to support them as we keep searching” according to the Times.