US Could Reach ‘Herd Immunity’ By Spring, Fauci Says

(Photo by Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images)

Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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Dr. Anthony Fauci said Monday that the U.S. could reach “herd immunity” from COVID-19 by “the end of the second quarter 2021.”

Fauci told MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson that vaccines would likely be widely available to normal people with no underlying conditions by March or April, NBC reported. Fauci added that by the end of “late spring or early summer” Americans can hopefully achieve the “umbrella of ‘herd immunity.'”

“By the time we get to the fall, we can start approaching some degree of relief where the level of infection will be so low in society we can start essentially approaching some form of normality,” Fauci said.

“Only when you get the level of infection in society so low that its no longer a public health threat can you then think about the possibility of then pulling back on public health measures,” Fauci continued.


Fauci advised Americans, even after the vaccine becomes available, to continue with social distancing and widespread mask use late into 2021. The first round of vaccines hit states across Monday, and Fauci said he would take his in open view to instill public confidence. (RELATED: States Will Start Getting Coronavirus Vaccine On Monday)

“As soon as my turn comes up, which likely will be very soon, I’m going to be available to get vaccinated publicly, so that people can see that I feel strongly that this is something we should do,” Fauci said.

An Ipsos poll released Monday revealed 40% of Americans would get a vaccine as soon as it is available. Around 39%, according to the poll, believe states should make the vaccine mandatory. (RELATED: Nearly 40% of Americans Say States Should Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations)