Wall Street Journal Calls On Trump To Give Up, Warns Him Against ‘Bitterness’

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Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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The Wall Street Journal published an editorial on Monday calling out President Donald Trump for his failure to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

The editorial piece from the Wall Street Journal cites the Supreme Court‘s ruling in the Texas lawsuit, as well as calling out Democrats for claiming President Trump was an “illegitimate president,” citing those claims as feeding President Trump’s claims for voter fraud, according to The Hill.

The editorial piece reads, “none of this excuses Mr. Trump’s attempts to delegitimize Mr. Biden’s victory on Nov. 3.”

“Even if Mr. Biden‘s narrow victory was overturned in one of the closely contested states, he would have more than 270 electoral votes. John Kerry and Al Gore both would have won had they not narrowly lost Ohio and Florida, respectively, but they both conceded (Mr. Gore after a long legal fight),” the piece continues. “Richard Nixon conceded in 1960 despite evidence that he was cheated out of Illinois. All did so at least in part to avoiding tipping the U.S. into irreparable political division.”

“Mr. Trump has had his innumerable days in court and lost,” the newspaper concludes. “He would do far better now to tout his accomplishments in office, which are many, and accept his not so horrible fate as one of the 45 former American Presidents.”(RELATED: There’s Nothing Better Than Waking Up To A Tweet From The President Of The United States Of America)

The Electoral College is set to vote Monday.