Perez Hilton Sobs On Video After Being Banned From TikTok

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Perez Hilton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MljzsSct1f0)

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Blogger personality Perez Hilton filmed a desperate plea to TikTok star Charli D’Amelio after being banned from the video-sharing platform.

Hilton sobbed in a video shared to his personal YouTube account Saturday as he begged for help. Hilton claimed he has no idea why he was banned from TikTok.


“The reason that TikTok gave me for permanently banning my account without any warning is ‘multiple community guidelines violations,'” Hilton said during the video.

“I am feeling numb, and I don’t want to seem overly dramatic, but I feel like my world is crumbling,” he added. “This feels like a death to me.”

Perez went on to “grovel” for Charli D’Amelio’s help. (RELATED: Flight Attendant Ranks Celebrities She’s Interacted With From Meanest To Nicest)

“Please, Charli D’Amelio, please message me back on Instagram,” he said in the video. “Please. Please help me. I know you don’t owe me that, but I beg of you. I beg of you. I grovel.”

I guess asking D’Amelio for help is one way to go about things, but I don’t know if she actually has any say in what TikTok is going to do. She is one of the top TikTok content creators, but I don’t know if she has that kind of power.

Perez implied that he might have been banned after fans of other users reported him for harassment, bullying and nudity, but there is no evidence of what actually happened yet.

Perez also believes that he might have been banned from the app for criticizing TikTok itself. I definitely could see that happening, since it is a Chinese-owned company but I guess we won’t actually ever know.