‘Grim Reaper’ Lawyer Who Stalks Crowded Beaches Targeted By Florida Governor

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Autumn Klein Contributor
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Daniel Uhlfelder, also known as the Grim Reaper lawyer, claims he has been targeted by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after taking the governor to court over his response to the pandemic, The Independent reported.

Uhlfelder rose to fame by dressing as the Grim Reaper and walking on crowded Florida beaches to warn of the severity of the coronavirus, according to The Independent.

Uhlfelder accused DeSantis of failing to prioritize the protection of Floridians’ lives, according to a legal filing from DeSantis’ lawyers.

DeSantis’ lawyers encouraged the court of appeals to sanction Uhlfelder for an abuse of the justice system Friday. They claim his lawsuit was “empty political posturing,” which they argue “warrants repercussions,” according to the legal filing. 

The hours spent on Uhlfelder’s case “could have been spent on innumerable other pressing matters related to the health, welfare, and safety of Floridians,” the filing stated.

In response, Uhlfelder argued DeSantis was attempting to punish him for taking issue with his response, according to The Independent. (RELATED: Florida Governor Extends Ban On Local Enforcement Of Mask Mandates, Business Restrictions)

“This is not about me. It’s about citizens having the right to challenge government when they’re not doing the right thing,” Uhlfelder said in response to the filing, per The Washington Post.   

“To say that I distracted from his job is laughable, considering he hasn’t done his job,” Uhlfelder told The Washington Post.

If the court of appeals goes through with the sanctions, Uhlfelder may be responsible for Desantis’  legal fees, according to The Independent.