Joy Behar Says AG William Barr Was ‘A Big Rat’ Deserting A Sinking Ship


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar compared Attorney General William Barr to a “big rat” deserting a sinking ship.

Behar joined her cohosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” as they discussed the announcement that Barr would be leaving his post — for the second time — just before Christmas. (RELATED: ‘But Will You Go Ahead?’: Joy Behar Pushes Letitia James To Say She’ll Prosecute Trump)


ABC News legal correspondent Dan Abrams joined the show as a guest and said that he had initially thought hiring Barr was a good idea.

“I thought based on his reputation, based on his experience, based on history he would be a good attorney general and that proved not to be the case,” Abrams said, adding that Barr’s resignation letter had given him a “dear leader” feeling.

“You know, I’m laughing because that big splash noise you just heard was a big rat jumping off a sinking ship,” Behar laughed in response. “This big rat is running for his life. He’s running for his life. He knows that if he stays there, more harm will come to him.”

Behar went on to push back on Abrams, saying that she had never thought that Barr might turn out to be a good choice because of his own history.

“He was a bully as a child. They wrote about this. He was a bully as a child. That’s what Trump was also. This is what we had running the country for four years, two bullies. They’re gone. Bye!” Behar said.

“I think it’s really interesting because it made me think what line would he not cross?” Whoopi Goldberg asked, suggesting that Trump had wanted Barr to do something that had prompted him to leave. “What made him say, look, I can’t do — I got to go. I can do everything — I’ve done everything else. I can’t do that. That made me wonder, because I wonder what’s coming in the form of his replacement?”