Obamacare Finally Expires, Last Minute Wave Of Sign-Ups May Save It

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Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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With a deadline of Dec. 15 to sign up for healthcare coverage that begins on Jan. 1, last minute sign-ups on Tuesday just might be what saves “Obamacare”.

While 14 states and Washington D.C. have a later deadline for healthcare enrollment, Dec. 15 is the last day to sign up for healthcare coverage for 36 states who use, NECN news reported.

Amid rising coronavirus cases and rising unemployment, many analysts following who follow annual insurance sign-ups have said that interest seems to be rising. In addition, what once seemed like an obstacle in the way of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), now might be a silver lining as the Supreme Court seemed skeptical to the Trump administrations newest legal challenge seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

For people who don’t have healthcare coverage through their jobs, the insurance markets offer those people taxpayer subsidized private plans. Legally insurers are not allowed to turn away customers who have pre-existing medical conditions. Another aspect to the ACA law is Medicaid expansion, which covers about 12 million people.

Stephanie Burton, a lawyer from Kansas City, Missouri explained that she had renewed her coverage for 2021 for $150 a month. In addition, Burton is able to have her two young adult children on her healthcare plan.

Burton explained that since enrollment season for healthcare coverage isn’t very well promoted, many people may not even realize where to find the proper information.

“Since I’ve always had it, I get reminders by email,” Burton explained. “There are a lot of people who may not even know how to find this information,” she added. (RELATED: The Affordable Care Act Appears Likely To Survive Another Legal Challenge, Justices Signal) 

While the Trump administration has focused on monitoring the operation of the website, the Biden administration is expected to build upon the existing healthcare law in order to reach 30 million people who are still lacking proper health care coverage.