‘What’s Going To Happen Here?’: Salon Owner Speaks Out About COVID-19 Restrictions

(Screenshot, Samantha Renck)

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Christina McLaughlin, the owner of Wabi Sabi Salon, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about how coronavirus restrictions have impacted her business, the ways she has adapted to the lockdowns and more.

“I have a small salon and we have three stylists,” McLaughlin said. “The lockdown obviously lasted a very long time and had us all very, very concerned.” (RELATED: ‘We Put Everything On The Line’: Michigan Business Owner Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Restrictions)

“It was more of an emotional thing,” she said. “Ultimately, we did all receive the stimulus check. We all got some unemployment. In the beginning, we just thought, ‘what’s going to happen here?'”

Since the lockdown measures went into effect early on in the pandemic, McLaughlin developed alternative ways to make money that did not require customers in the styling chair.

“When the first shutdown happened, I created DIY kits for people with hair color,” she said. “More recently, we’ve had more cancellations. I have people asking me for DIY kits. I have people saying, ‘I’m just going to stay out of the hair salon until this passes.'”

McLaughlin also discussed how her clients have responded to the restrictions and more.


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