Report: Children Disfigured After Couple Allegedly Beat, Burned Them

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Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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A woman was arrested and charged with child abuse after officers found her children beaten, burned and disfigured, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Wednesday.

Cathalyn Davis was charged Dec. 8 with two counts of child abuse resulting in substantial bodily harm, which began in North Las Vegas in March, according to an arrest report obtained by the Review-Journal. There is a warrant out for her boyfriend and co-defendant, Jermaine Tatum.

Tatum allegedly beat Davis’ 2-year-old-son and 9-year-old daughter with TV cables, phone cords and belts, according to the arrest report. Tatum also allegedly burned Davis’ children with a welding torch, which caused “permanent disfigurement.” (RELATED: Couple Forced Child To Kneel On Tacks, Put Bottle Rocket In Mouth, Police Say)

Investigators found more than 35 markings on the boy and over 74 burns on the girl, according to the report. An investigator in Missouri told the North Las Vegas police the children’s injuries the worst he had seen in twenty years and they gave him “goose bumps,” according to the report.

Davis, according to the report, told police she was usually at work but home sometimes at home when Tatum beat the children. She was released Dec. 9 after a hearing, the Review-Journal reported.