‘Know When To Fold ‘Em’: Geraldo Rivera Posts Twitter Monologue Urging Trump Supporters To Focus On Georgia

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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera posted an outdoor monologue to his Twitter account Wednesday urging supporters of President Donald Trump to “stop this fighting” over the November election and instead focus on the Senate runoffs in Georgia.

“In the words of the unforgettable Kenny Rogers, Know when to hold em, know when to fold em,” Rivera wrote along with his video.


“But the one thing I wanted to say, coast to coast, snowy or not,” Rivera said after commenting on the snowy weather, “is urging again to stop this fighting over the election of November 3, 2020. Joe Biden won. Donald Trump lost. The Electoral College has now decided. It is over.”

“We have to focus now if you are a Republican who cares about what direction the government will take in the Biden administration then you must care about the Georgia Senate races,” he continued. “They are critical, but as far as the presidential race is concerned, it is over, and those people who continue to promote some fantastic legislative or judicial or constitutional, you know, magic wand that’s gonna save the Trump presidency. You are wrong. You are misleading the American people.”

Rivera, a personal friend of the president, went on to point out that the election controversy has some conservatives talking about some form of national split.

“You are tearing at the fabric of the American republic” he said. “You have knuckleheads now talking about secession … I mean, come on, that’s crazy stuff. We have to move on, move on. We’re one country.”

The Fox News contributor and former talk show host suggested that opposing Biden’s agenda and rooting for a 2024 run from Trump are legitimate actions, but the president’s supporters should  “know when to say it is over” this cycle. (RELATED: ‘Not Strategic Thinkers’: Ingraham, Hannity Guess Why Ossoff And Warnock Would Never Come On Their Shows)

Though the Electoral College has officially certified President-elect Joe Biden’s win and his campaign has failed to win any significant legal challenge, Trump has so far refused to concede. Meanwhile, Republican control of the U.S. Senate rests on one of two Republican Georgian senators winning their races in the January 5 runoff.