‘Jill Biden’s Doctoral Dissertation Is Our National Shame’: Tucker Carlson Assigns A Failing Grade To Biden College Paper

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted parts of the dissertation Jill Biden wrote to obtain her doctorate in education during a Wednesday night segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Biden, the wife of President-elect Joe Biden, became a hot topic of discussion after a Wall Street Journal columnist wrote an op-ed suggesting she stop using the “doctor” credential in favor of “First Lady.”

Conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Carlson, and others have panned the title as pretentious coming from a non-medical-doctor and a doctor of education at that, while supporters have insisted that Biden should continue using the term. Biden’s 2007 dissertation, however, came under especially heavy scrutiny this week after a viral Twitter thread highlighted poor math and writing errors.

“So, contrary to what you may have read, Dr. Jill Biden is not a healer,” Carlson panned. “She’s not allowed to write prescriptions. She wouldn’t know what to do with your appendix. Dr. Jill has an education degree from some school in Delaware and you’re supposed to find that highly impressive.”


“We actually read her dissertation this week,” the Fox News host continued. “The very document that made her, quote, a doctor. And what did we discover when we did that? We’re going to give it to you in a diagnosis.”

“Dr. Jill needs reading glasses, either that, or she’s borderline illiterate,” he continued. “There are typos everywhere, including in the first graph of the introduction. Dr. Jill can’t write, she can’t really think clearly either. Parts of the dissertation seem to be written in a foreign language using English words. They’re essentially pure nonsense like pig Latin or dogs barking. The whole thing is just incredibly embarrassing, and not simply to poor illiterate Jill Biden, but to the college that considered this crap scholarship, to the entire system of higher education, to the nation itself. Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation is our national shame. Are we overstating this? Well, you decide.”

Citing the page on which they occur, Carlson went on to point out several grammatical, mathematical, and logical errors in the dissertation. (RELATED: ‘Not Strategic Thinkers’: Ingraham, Hannity Guess Why Ossoff And Warnock Would Never Come On Their Shows)

“It’s still online, at least for now,” he said. “But whatever you do, do not make fun of it. If you dare to notice that Dr. Jill isn’t a super genius, you hate all women. You’re a dangerous misogynist.”