‘I Didn’t Know I Had It’: 107-Year-Old Woman Defeats COVID-19


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A 107-year-old Minnesota woman survived COVID-19 without realizing she had it after infected in the fall, Ecumen Detroit Lakes Community Home officials said, according to CNN.

Tillie Dybing has lived in the community home for five years, CNN reported Wednesday. Dybing turned 107 this summer and celebrated with nurses in the facility without her family to prevent the coronavirus from hitting the nursing home, KARE11 reported. (RELATED: 104-Year-Old WWII Veteran Beats COVID-19 Just Before His Birthday)

Dybing slept for awhile on one day in November and her daughter, Susan Berke, said she attempted to call her on a Saturday, according to KARE11.

“I tried to call her Saturday morning and she didn’t answer. I called all day and called the nurse and she, they said, ‘well she’s sleeping.'” Berke said in a video interview with KARE11. “We were really concerned and thought, well, this is probably it.”

Berke said her mother woke up and felt alright, according to KARE11.

Dybing tested positive for the virus a week later and sleepiness was her only symptom, KARE11 reported.

“Didn’t even know I had it. I didn’t know I had it,” Dybing said, according to KARE11.

“Nothing in her lungs. They said she doesn’t have a fever. She just slept all the time,” Berke said, according to KARE11.

Dybing moved back to her room in the facility two weeks after testing positive and doesn’t feel sick, KARE11 reported.

“I thought, well, if the time has come that I have to leave, then I will go, but I’m still here,” Dybing said, according to KARE11.

Dybing lived through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, and witnessed her husband’s death in her 80s. Several of her siblings died in infancy, KARE11 reported. Dybing lived through three major floods that happened in North Dakota and  survived uterine cancer when she was 95 years old.


Ecumen Detroit Lakes didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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