Sen. Johnson Rips Into Sen. Peters For Claiming Hunter Biden Story Was Russian Disinformation

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson ripped Wednesday into Democratic Michigan Sen. Gary Peters for claiming he was pushing Russian disinformation regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Johnson, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, spoke during the Senate Hearing on Election Security & Administration. At one point, he began talking about Russian disinformation and said that “the people peddling it are not on” his “side of the aisle.

Johnson brought up the Justice Department’s investigation regarding Hunter, which indicates that the New York Post’s articles on the laptop were not, as many claimed, Russian disinformation. He then went on to repeatedly accuse Peters of being the person pushing disinformation. (RELATED: Hunter And James Biden Have Refused To Cooperate With Senate Requests, Sen. Ron Johnson Says)

“So, it’s just galling and I just have to point out that the purveyors of Russian disinformation – Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, the Steele Dossier, the Ranking Member Peters accusing Sen. Grassley and I of disseminating Russian disinformation, that’s where the disinformation is coming. That’s where the false information, the lies, the false allegations,” Johnson said.

When Peters began to try and reply, Johnson continued and said he “lied repeatedly in the press.”

“You lied repeatedly in the press that I was spreading Russian disinformation and that was an outright lie and I told you to stop lying and you continued to do it,” Johnson said.


“This is terrible, what you’re doing to this committee and all the great work that you’ve talked about,” Peters said before Johnson interjected by saying that “it is what you’ve done to this committee.” (RELATED: Both Of The Media’s Reasons For Suppressing The Hunter Biden Story Turned Out To Be ‘False’)

“Falsely accusing the chairman of spreading disinformation, nothing could have been further from the truth and you’re spouting it again, which is why I had to respond,” Johnson said before shutting the conversation down.