Beloved Deer Named ‘Carrot’ Shows Up With An Arrow Through His Head, Totally Fine

Shutterstock/Tom Tietz

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A whitetail deer known to frequent a neighborhood in Kenora, Ontario showed up with a shocking surprise – an arrow through its head.

Lee-Anne Carver had been visited by the deer, named Carrot, for three years. Carver first posted about the deer’s injury on Facebook last week.

Three years ago we met a fawn we came to call Carrot. I’ve met hundreds and hundreds of deer over the decades who are…

Posted by Lee-Anne Carver on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

“My husband came in the house crying to tell me. I went out and spent time with Carrot while he licked my hands as he always has. I will absolutely champion this cause. For now, allow me to say the arrow missed all vitals. His skull protected him,” she posted on the social networking site. “The arrow goes down through the top of his head and comes out below his eye. There is no blood.”

The buck’s injury, while looking serious, missed all of the vitals, and Carrot will not need to be put down, Newsweek reports. A Facebook post by Carver a week after her initial post on his injury shows Carrot paying another visit, the arrow still stuck through the deer’s head.

Carver is furious about the injury to the deer.

“The City by-law as it relates to shooting deer with crossbows needs reassessing as a matter of public safety,” she wrote. “Carrot is not the first animal to be shot in residential areas but I hope he is the last.”