Joe Scarborough Lashes Out At Rand Paul In Angry Rant


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough delivered an angry rant aimed directly at Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Scarborough repeatedly accused Paul of lying during Thursday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” getting visibly angry as he asked what benefit the senator expected to reap from claims that fraud may have impacted the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. (RELATED: Rand Paul Lashes Out After Bill To ‘Stop Paying Dead People’ Hits 3-Year Snag)


“What does he get out of being a liar?” Scarborough began, accusing Paul of using “his position as a senator to lie about a stolen election.”

After pivoting briefly to address President Donald Trump’s numerous legal challenges with regard to the 2020 election results, Scarborough turned his attention back to Paul.

“Hello, Rand Paul! Why are you lying to the American people? Why are you purposely inspiring people like the Proud Boys to go around and yell ‘Stop the Steal!’ and beating the hell out of people in the streets?” Scarborough asked.

“Rand, why are you doing that?” Scarborough continued, saying again that he didn’t see what was in it for Paul. “Why do you want to spread violence across America by spreading this lie? Why do you want to undermine American democracy? Why do you want to undermine faith in our system, Rand?”

Scarborough referenced Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson as he concluded, “You ever see ‘Anchorman?’ He’s Brick. He loves lamp. That’s fine. That’s fine. We’ve gotten to know Ron through the years but you know better. I don’t get it. Put the trident in your hand down on the ground.”

Paul has said that he believes fraud was certainly a factor in the presidential election and that it was in “many ways stolen.”