Poll: Literally The Only Political Demographic That Mostly Does Not Take Pride In Being American Is ‘Progressive Activists’

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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“Progressive activists” are the only political demographic that does not mostly take pride in being American, according to data published by “More in Common US.”

“More in Common US” describes itself as “a nonpartisan nonprofit that seeks to strengthen democratic culture by bringing Americans together around shared values, beliefs, and identities.” They partnered with “YouGov” to identify how different Americans feel about the country and learned that “progressive activists” across the board have the most negative feelings about the United States.

“Progressive activists” are “deeply concerned with issues concerning equity, fairness, and America’s direction today,” according to the nonprofit. Making up 8% of the population, only 34% of this group expressed pride in being an American, the data showed. (RELATED: Study: Left-Wing Activists Are Hyper-Educated White People Who Likely Earn Over $100K A Year)

The next lowest group was “Gen Z,” which saw 51% express pride. 60% of “passive liberals” reported that they are proud to be an American and 96% of “traditional conservatives” declared the same, “More in Common US” reported.

Low numbers for “progressive activists” continued when the poll asked: “How much do you agree with the following statement: If I could choose to live anywhere in the world, I would still pick America.”

46% of “progressive activists” said that they agreed with the statement. The poll reported higher numbers for males (80%), moderates (88%) and devoted conservatives (96%), among other groups.

An extremely small percent of “progressive activists” believe that America is a better nation overall than most other countries, the poll also found. Only 11% said that they believed the United States is better, the report noted. Gen Z, passive liberals and millennials followed suit with 32% each.

The poll also asked groups about racism in America. A whopping 100% of “progressive activists” believe that “racism continues to be a present problem and a significant issue in the country today,” according to the data. This is a stark difference to “devoted conservatives” – only 24% agreed with the statement.

All in all, 98% of “progressive activists” are worried about the future of America, according to the poll. This statement garnered high agreement across the board, with the lowest number coming from the “politically disengaged” group and blacks at 84% each.

The published data was “sourced through four national quantitative surveys across more than 8,000 Americans,” according to the report. This information was further “supplemented by qualitative data collected” throughout 2020.

Quantitive national surveys included in the data are: American Fabric, The New Normal? A 7-country comparative study on the impacts of COVID-19 and Post-election Omnibus Polling.