REPORT: Woman Recovers Dogs Taken In Car-Jacking Weeks After Vehicle Was Stolen

Downtown Minneapolis. By Rudy Balasko. Shutterstock.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A woman found her two dogs that were stolen in a carjacking that occurred earlier this month, WCCO-TV reported.

Downtown Minneapolis. By Shutterstock.

“I could care less about the car,” Gina Rios told WCCO-TV after the carjacking. “I just want the dogs back. (RELATED: REPORT: Dog Lost For 5 Years Returns To Its Owner Totally Fine, In Good Health)

Rios was dropping her daughter off at daycare in Minneapolis’ Bancroft neighborhood when the carjacker stole her SUV that had her two dogs, Lucy and Lola, inside, the outlet reported.

“It’s just really upsetting to me that like this was another brand-new car. We literally had our other car stolen from in front of our house two weeks ago.”

The next day, Lucy was found unharmed and without her collar in Coon Rapids, located about 20 miles outside Minneapolis, the outlet reported. Rios told WCCO-TV on December 16 that Lola was found, the outlet reported.

Carjackings have increased by 537 percent in November compared to November 2019, according  to The Star Tribune. The Minneapolis City Council had originally approved a proposal to cut the police force from 888 officers to 750, but stopped after Mayor Jacob Frey called it “irresponsible,” The Star Tribune reported.