Man Turned In By His Girlfriend After Allegedly Robbing Store, Killing Compliant Cashier

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Jonathan Snyder Contributor
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Samuel Birch, 31 years old, was reportedly accused by his girlfriend of robbing a store and killing the compliant clerk, according to an affadavit obtained by the Problem Solvers.

The affidavit states that Birch is the suspect in the killing and robbery of gas station clerk Mauricio Perez and that Birch’s girlfriend turned him in on Dec. 11, according to KDVR.

Perez was working at the Centennial gas station on Thanksgiving when a white male with a black mask reportedly entered the store at 6:44 p.m. Video of the event obtained by KDVR shows the suspect asking Perez for 10 packs of cigarettes while holding a black, long-barreled revolver. (RELATED: Police Charge Man With Murder After Finding Him In Bed With Bodies Of His Wife And Two Kids)

“I need everything in the register too, though. Dude, it’s going to be you, your stomach or the money. Put everything in the bag. All of it, all of it right now. I can shoot you when I leave or I can shoot you right now,” the suspect reportedly told Perez while he gathered the cigarettes.

Surveillance video reported by the outlet shows Perez complying with the suspect’s demands by handing him the cigarettes and money in a plastic bag. The video also shows the suspect thanking Perez before shooting him in the abdomen.

Detectives were told Birch stole the 10 packs of cigarettes and $226.96 in cash, according to KDVR. Three hours after the robbery, Perez reportedly died at a local hospital with the bullet embedded inside his spine. 

A similar robbery occurred at a Conoco gas station just two hours earlier, which detectives reportedly believe was related. The suspect in that case was similarly dressed and armed, but left the clerk unharmed according to KDVR.

Birch’s girlfriend reportedly told police that he had shown her the cash and confessed to committing a robbery. Birch proceeded to bury the gun and burn the clothing he had worn, according to KDVR. (RELATED: REPORT: Babysitter Charged With Pummeling Child To Death Allegedly Searched ‘Sudden Urge To Beat A Child That’s Not Yours’)

Birch has reportedly been arrested and is charged with a series of crimes, such as first degree murder after deliberation, tampering with physical evidence and two counts of robbery.