Tina Fey Reveals She Basically Saved A Man’s Life After Kayaking Incident In Hudson River

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4EjXbpnZeE)

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Actress Tina Fey admitted she once helped save a man’s life after he flipped his kayak on the Hudson river.

Fey recalled the story during Wednesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Fey and her family had traveled upstate to get away from the coronavirus restrictions in New York City and were staying in a house on the Hudson river.


“The first morning we were there, I was standing outside and we were looking down, you can see the Hudson River from where we are, it’s so pretty,” Fey explained to Fallon. “And I’m standing there with my coffee and I just heard something going ‘Help! Help!’ and I was like ‘Is that a “help” or a bird?’ because I’ve been in my house for two months.” (RELATED: ’30 Rock’ Creator Tina Fey Apologizes For ‘Pain’ Caused By Blackface Sketches, Requests Episodes Be Pulled)

“So I went and got my older daughter and I was like ‘come out here, come out here’ and we’re standing outside, again like mole people, we haven’t been outside,” she added. “Looking down at the river, we’re waiting and a couple minutes go by and then we hear it again.”

“So we called the cops,” she said. “Our first day out, we’re calling the cops at the height of the pandemic.”

The cops later discovered a man had flipped his kayak and was floating in the Hudson without an oar.