Bandana-Wearing Iguana Allegedly Jumps Fence, Attacks Bystander

Not the same iguana from the story. By Sanit Fuangnakhon. Shutterstock.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A woman wearing medical scrubs was searching for her bandana-wearing iguana that allegedly “attacked” a man in Miami, The Miami Herald reported.

The Miami Herald reported former journalist at Fusion and Miami New Times, Arielle Castillo, tweeted on Thursday, “I just got a call from one of my two social pod friends in Miami that they were attacked by a giant iguana …. wearing a bandana … that ran away when it was called by a woman next door in medical scrubs.”

The iguana came from Castillo’s friend’s next-door neighbor’s back room, according to her Castillo’s version of events from details her friend shared with her, The Miami Herald reported. While iguanas are common in South Florida, they usually run away from humans, The Miami Herald reported. Castillo’s friend said the iguana wore a red bandana that resembled a neckerchief, The Miami Herald reported. (RELATED: Florida’s Unusually Cold Temperatures Are Putting Iguanas Into A Catatonic State)