Man Reportedly Stabs Parents For Asking Him To Stop Playing Video Games, Killing Stepfather

(Photo by YELIM LEE/AFP via Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter
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A 29-year-old Michigan man was arrested and charged for allegedly stabbing his parents, killing his stepfather, because they asked him to stop playing video games in their room, WDIV Detroit reported. 

Christopher McKinney of Madison Heights, Michigan, allegedly began punching both of his parents after they asked him to vacate their bedroom so they could get some sleep, according to WDIV Detroit. His 71-year-old stepfather retrieved a knife to defend himself and McKinney’s 66-year-old mother, but McKinney took the knife and allegedly stabbed both of them, WDIV reported. 

McKinney’s step-father died four days later from his injuries. His mother suffered a broken nose from the initial assault, but Madison Heights Police Chief Corey Haines told the Daily Caller her injuries were not life-threatening. McKinney also attacked a fire lieutenant administering first aid at the scene, police said. (RELATED: 16-Year-Old Steals Parents Car, Leads Police In High Speed Chase, Kills Man After Crashing Car)

A next-door neighbor said they found McKinney in the hallway covered in blood, WDIV reported.

“He was laying down in the hallway and he had blood all over him. There was blood everywhere — all over the walls, the ceilings,” said Haines. 

McKinney is reportedly being charged with attempted murder and resisting and assaulting officers. One of the attempted murder charges is expected to be elevated to murder due to the death of the stepfather, according to WDIV.