‘Mom, Help Us’: ICU Nurse Speeds Home From Work To Find Her House On Fire

(Photo by John Hanley/Shuttterstock)

Jonathan Snyder Contributor
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While treating Covid-19 patients, Oklahoma nurse Tina Irwin reportedly received a call that her house was on fire.

“I got a hold of my daughter … the terrifying scream. Never heard a scream like this,” Irwin said, describing the call in an interview with WMUR 9.

“Please, mom, help us,” Irwin’s daughter said as the phone cut off.

Irwin received the call while working at Mercy hospital only four miles away. Driving home frantically, Irwin arrived to find her house engulfed in flames. Three of Irwin’s children were inside the home when the fire started, according to WMUR 9.

“The flames were … I couldn’t believe. I’m a single mom and just walking up and everything gone,” Irwin reportedly said.

Irwin saved a handful of pictures, but the fire ravaged the inside of the home, even melting the bumper of her nearby car.

“I’ve been working frontline as a COVID ICU nurse since April — working five-12, coming home exhausted,” she said, holding back tears. “This was my safe place.” 

Irwin’s son, Justin, was reportedly home when he heard a bang from the garage. (RELATED: California Wildfire Now Burning Roughly 2,000 Acres, Now 45% Contained)

“I open the door and the whole garage is like on fire massive fire. I just shut the door, hollered for my sisters and animals and got them out,” Justin said to WMUR 9.

Justin allegedly rushed his siblings and their pets safely out of the home and away from the fire.

Irwin’s local fire department has yet to determine the cause of the fire, but a go fund me has raised nearly $30,000 for the family.