This Device Provides In-Depth Daily Data On Personal Heart Health, Stress Levels

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In a hectic world, it may be tempting to place focus elsewhere, but personal health supervision is imperative to enjoy a long and fulfilling life. Whether you’re keeping a close eye on the situation after a scare or simply working day-by-day to build a better version of yourself, a portable heart rate monitor can go a long way toward desired achievements.

Elite HRV is an outstanding option and a powerful biomarker that measures heart rate variability and utilizes contextual data to better equip you for long-term success from a health standpoint. And, thanks to a 46 percent discount, you can add this valuable daily resource for only $139.99 (reg. $261), whether it’s for personal use or better suited for a loved one in need.

Your nervous system responds to stress from all sources: physical, mental, and otherwise. HRV quantifies your total stress load and ability to tolerate more stress from all sources. Unlike simple heart rate, HRV looks much closer at the small fluctuations of the heart that occur in response to internal and external events.

Using CorSense technology, Elite HRV analyzes the total package of potential impacts, including sleep, exercise, mood, and lifestyle. With the free app, you’ll be able to view trends and track your body’s progress, understanding exactly how your body responds to different stresses.

That insight gives you a great advantage when tackling specific health or performance goals, identifying obstacles, and measuring progress. It’s an accurate, non-invasive way to really gauge how your body is functioning, can be done from anywhere, and supplies a daily morning readiness score along with easy-to-evaluate custom charting.

All data accrued on the app is kept private with secure SSL encryption, and safe with automatic cloud backups and unlimited data storage. You can easily export raw data and review it as needed, or share your information with a medical professional for a deeper look into those numbers.

So start off a new year with new goals, take ownership of your daily health, and prevent medical setbacks by purchasing the Elite HRV portable heart rate monitor for a remarkably reduced price.

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