Man Impersonating Santa Claus Gets Stuck On Powerlines, 200 Homes Lose Power

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A Santa Claus impersonator was rescued by local firefighters on Sunday after getting himself tangled in power lines that were suspended from telephone polls close to a nearby school, reports CNN. 

The pseudo-St. Nick took flight on December 20 in the city of Rio Linda in Sacramento County, hoping to deliver candy canes to local children playing throughout the community, KHOU11 confirms.

WPTV5 reports that shortly after taking flight, the man’s hyper light glider made contact with power lines on a telephone pole near a school in Rio Linda and subsequently became entangled in them. (RELATED: Santa Will Be 6 Feet Away From Kids Behind Plexiglass At Malls Due To COVID-19)

After receiving multiple calls on the matter, the California Highway Patrol of North Sacramento and various regional fire departments responded to the pseudo-Santa’s suspended sleigh and proceeded to help him down. CNN reports that he spent an hour hanging above the ground. 

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) had to turn off power to about 200 homes throughout the process, reports ABC10. (RELATED: Little Boy At Domestic Violence Shelter Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Santa Claus)

Dr. Fauci confirmed in an interview with USA Today that the real Santa Claus is effectively superhuman and is immune from COVID-19. Fauci said, “Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity.”