Business Owner Joseph Cannizo Hasn’t Been Able To Open Doors Since March, Alleges Bias Towards Big Business

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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Joseph Cannizo, owner of Staten Island Judo Jujitsu, opened up about facing tax foreclosure after his business shut down in March because of COVID-19.

“We haven’t been able to open up at any capacity, in any way, and we’re having a really tough time. We’re facing, the building is facing, tax foreclosure, which means we could be repossessed by the city,” Cannizzo told the Daily Caller.

Cannizo said that bigger businesses are able to open while his smaller one has to remain closed. (RELATED:Bar Owners Declare It An ‘Autonomous Zone’ After Being Fined, Stripped Of Their Liquor License For COVID-19 Violations)

“There is two separate rules, one for Wall Street and one for main street. All over Staten Island it is evident. The Staten Island mall is open,” Cannizo continued. “You could go there right now and see everyone waiting in line, just like that, to buy non-essential items, but small businesses like mine and like Danny’s, Mac’s public House, are not able to open.”

Watch the full video to see how small businesses like Staten Island bar Mac’s Public House, Staten Island Judo Jujitsu, and Dirty Water bar in Washington D.C. are coming together to support one another during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staten Island Judo Jujitsu GoFundMe


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