Man Successfully Resuscitates Baby Elephant Hit By Motorcycle In Thailand

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Reuters

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A man successfully resuscitated a baby elephant that had been hit by a motorcycle in Thailand on Sunday.

Mana Srivate, who has spent 26 years of his life as a rescue worker, jumped into action after noticing that the elephant was not breathing, according to Reuters. Srivate helped resuscitate the elephant, while others tended to the injured motorcyclist. Both are recovering, the outlet reported.

“It’s my instinct to save lives, but I was worried the whole time because I can hear the mother and other elephants calling for the baby,” Srivate told Reuters over the phone.

“I assumed where an elephant heart would be located based on human theory and a video clip I saw online,” he continued, the outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘Suicidal’ Woman Charged With Felony Animal Cruelty After Throwing Puppy Off Motel Balcony)

“When the baby elephant starting to move, I almost cried,” Srivate added.

The video of Srivate rescuing the baby elephant went viral on Twitter in Thailand on Monday.

I can see why this video would go viral, it’s one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. It’s so refreshing to see somebody care about an animal in this way. I know there was a human involved too, but when there is enough care to go around it’s nice to see the animals taken care of too.