Experience Real Clean With The First Filterless Upright Water Vacuum Cleaner!

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From the kids’ shoes to the dog’s muddy paws, your floors are packed with dust, bacteria, and who even knows what else. And while a quick sweep now and again is helpful, it hardly gets your home to a level of cleanliness you crave. And with the Covid-19 pandemic still ravaging the nation, keeping your home safe from outside germs is more important than ever.

When it comes to ridding all the nooks and crannies of your home’s floors of dirt and grim, not many gadgets can hold a candle to this Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum. That’s because, unlike other vacuums you’ve used in the past, this thing features a filterless build, using water to capture dirt, debris, bacteria, and more. That means no more HEPA filters randomly clogging and giving you nothing but a mess and headache.

In addition to its impressive water filtration system, this vacuum is everything you’d want in a premium cleaning tool. Not only does it have an easily-adjustable body that allows it to twist and reach into awkward spaces, but it also boasts a 10-foot extending hose, perfect for mopping floors, cleaning windows, and beyond. It’s even strong enough to pick up deep-rooted pet stains and spills!

Toting an impressive 4.0/5-star rating on Amazon, it’s no secret that people all over the country are loving the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum. Just check out some of the awesome online reviews for yourself!

“This vacuum is lightweight, transitions easy from wood to carpet, has exceptional suction power, and with the easy to use telescopic extension it allowed us to reach dust bunnies never reach before. ” – Cindy

“I cannot stress enough what a game-changer this vacuum is, especially if you have pets. We vacuum daily and the day we got this, wanted to give it a try, and OMG! I couldn’t believe how much dirt, grime, and hair it pulled out of our already ‘clean’ carpet.” – Lydia S.

“Best vacuum cleaner so far, I’ve owned Orick, Dyson and Shark. All have worked very well but QuantumX is the best performer because there are NO FILTERS to clean and NO DUST ESCAPES when you empty the WATER FILLED BIN AMAZING !!!” – Michael

Right now, you can get your very own Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum at nearly 20% off for just $399.99!

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