‘Greatest President Since Lincoln’: Roger Stone Thanks Trump And Tucker Carlson After Pardon


Phillip Nieto Contributor
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Roger Stone praised President Donald Trump Wednesday night, comparing him to Abraham Lincoln, in his first post-pardon interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Trump pardoned several important figures involved in the Mueller investigation including Stone, Paul Manafort, Charles Kushner and 24 others Wednesday evening shortly before Christmas eve. Stone, a longtime political ally to the president, was convicted last year for making false statements to the FBI, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

“We are very happy, I have an enormous debt of gratitude to God almighty for giving the president the strength and the courage to recognize that my prosecution was a completely politically motivated witch hunt,” Stone told the Fox News host.

“The whole thing has been an outrage and my hat is off to the president, the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln who had the courage to correct this injustice,” Stone added.


Back in July, Trump commuted Stone’s sentence but this full pardon would wipe the felony conviction from Stone’s criminal record. (RELATED: ROGER STONE: What’s It Like To Get A Call From Trump Saying He’s Going To Commute Your Sentence? I Know)

Stone went on to thank Carlson, who publicly lobbied for Trump to prevent Stone from serving his full prison sentence months after his conviction. (RELATED: ‘Best Friend A Man Could Have’: Roger Stone Thanks Tucker Carlson After Commutation)

“I always felt watching what they did to you, if they could do it to you they could do it to anybody and so I’m grateful that you have been pardoned fully, you are now a citizen in good standing,” Carlson told Stone. “Roger Stone congratulations truly, thank you.”

“Well Tucker, thanks for your outstanding analysis and reporting on this issue, you have been a paragon of the truth,” Stone concluded. “God bless you and God bless America and God bless our president.”