POLL: 50% Of Americans Say History Will Judge Trump As A Failure

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fifty percent of Americans believe that history will likely judge President Donald Trump a “failed” president, a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll finds.

“Asked how history would judge Trump’s presidency, 16% predict he will be seen as a great president, 13% as a good president, 16% as a fair president, and 50% as a failed president. 5% are undecided,” USA Today reported. (RELATED: ‘I’ll See You In 4 Years’: Trump Hints He’ll Run In 2024 During White House Christmas Party)

The poll, taken Dec. 16-20, 2020, asked 1000 registered voters a series of questions about the president’s performance and the 2020 presidential election, and has a margin of error plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Arsh Ganjoo, 19, a Biden voter from Great Falls, Virginia, suggested that history would view Trump as “more of an anomaly” than a successful president. “He had half the people loving him and half the people wanting him dead,” Ganjoo said.

Trump did not fare so well as former President Barack Obama at the close of his second term. Then just 23% of Americans thought that he would be remembered as a “failed” president while 18% called him a “great” president and 23% called him a “good” one.

Other questions addressed the presidential election — which Trump still has not conceded to President-Elect Joe Biden — and whether or not people believed that the results were legitimate.

“By 62%-37%, Americans believe Biden was legitimately elected president. The fact that more than a third of the electorate – including 78% of Republicans – say he didn’t legitimately win the office looms as a significant political hurdle, particularly for a president who will take office during a deadly pandemic and an economy in upheaval,” USA Today reported.

Trump has also reportedly convinced Republicans to support him again if he chooses to run in 2024 — 71% said they would vote for him again and 16% would consider doing so. Only 10% said that they would not support Trump if he were the party’s nominee.