Frank Luntz: Republicans May Lose Senate ‘Because Of What The President Is Doing Right Now’

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Republican pollster Frank Luntz suggested that President Donald Trump’s recent behavior could cost the GOP control of the U.S. Senate.

While the president still refuses to concede the November election results and continues to insist the election was “rigged,” Republican Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face a difficult January 5 runoff election that will determine whether Republicans can provide a check to President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.

Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz and Luntz discussed the potential ramifications of Trump’s behavior during Sunday morning’s edition of “MediaBuzz.”


“Can you imagine the conservative reaction if Barack Obama in 2012 lost the Electoral College and was having meetings talking about using the military for example to rerun the election in certain states?” Kurtz asked Luntz.

“You’re correct, absolutely,” Luntz replied before suggesting that Trump’s behavior was “having an impact on Republicans in the House and the Senate.”

“It feels like this president’s trying to do as much damage as he can, not just to Mitch McConnell but to Republicans in the House and the Senate, and the press is glad to go along because it will help in that final 2020 race in Georgia,” he added. “And I’m afraid and I believe that those two Republicans may well lose on the 5th of January because of what the president is doing right now.” (RELATED: Will Trump’s ‘Rigged Election’ Claims Hurt The GOP’s Chances In Georgia’s Senate Runoffs?)

Luntz went on to suggest that the Georgia runoffs “should be waged separately” from the November election challenges.