Get A Wide-Angle, Waterproof Headlamp For Under $40

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Headlamps can be incredibly handy accessories in all kinds of circumstances, but their usefulness is often limited by the narrow scope of the light it provides. That’s just one of the reasons why the wide-angle H2 Headlamp is such an outstanding product in its field. And now you can get it for only $36.99, a 26% discount from the normal $50 price.

The wide 180° angle provides such a broad spectrum of illumination that you can use your natural peripheral vision to see what’s going on around you, instead of constantly having to turn your head, even in the tightest places where it would normally be difficult to see. That makes it an asset when camping, hiking, running, rock climbing, and exploring caves.

Another advantage is its lightweight compact design, which makes it so easy to take with you everywhere. It only measures 5” H x 5” L x 2” W and weighs a barely noticeable four ounces. You’ll barely notice it even when you’re wearing it.

In spite of its size and weight, it can still provide up to 360 lumens. The headlamp actually has three settings, with that as the highest and the lowest at 180 lumens, which allows you to customize the brightness of the light to your specific environment.

The H2 headlamp is also 100% waterproof, with an IPX7 rating, so you don’t have to worry about visibility even if it’s raining. All of the pieces come apart easily and the headband is washable. The rechargeable battery will give you 7 hours of use on the lowest setting and 3 hours on the highest one.

In addition to the lamp, rechargeable battery, and charging cord, a drawstring lantern bag is included. This is a truly exceptional product that leaves nothing to be desired. Order the H2 Headlamp today, while it’s just $36.99, instead of $50, for a 26% discount.


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