Save Big On This Adjustable Standing Desk During This Two-Day Christmas Sale!

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Whether you’re still stuck working from home or spend every day at the office, sitting at your desk for hours on end can do a number on your physical health. From sore shoulders to an aching lower back, staring at your computer comes at a painful price.

While frequent stretching and walks are all great for combating the uncomfortable side effects of long-term sitting, having the ability to stand as you work can be life-changing. That’s where the Stan Desk comes in. This innovative standing desk can instantly improve your posture, circulation, and more, and is one of the simplest to use.

Unlike the many other standing desks on the market today, the Stan Desk is uniquely designed to be incredibly customizable, helping laptop users of all heights and working preferences feel comfortable as they work. That’s because it comes with many different adjustable levels, ensuring your computer is always at eye-level, significantly improving your posture as it never requires you to slouch or hunch over anything.

In addition to its thoughtful design, the Stan Desk is also a friend to the environment, given that it’s completely constructed with sustainable, non-plastic materials. Plus, thanks to the fact that it’s built to last, you never have to worry about buying another standing desk again. But with its unique, minimalist design, you’ll likely never want to.

The Stan Desk is incredibly easy to set up, no matter what kind of table or desk you’re currently using — the whole thing can be ready-to-go in just 30 seconds flat! Designed with portability in mind, this standing desk is incredibly versatile and easy to tote around with you to different workspaces. And when you’re not using it, you can easily lay it flat for easy storage.

Students and working professionals can’t say enough good things about the Stan Desk. Just check out some of the great reviews for yourself!

The students that use them are really loving them. I will be asking to have these standing desks across the campus” – Sue Killoran, Fellow Librarian at Oxford University

“Beautifully designed and made, an elegant solution to getting my laptop, to the correct height for standing working.” – Tom Lillie, MD, Vice President, Merck Sharpe and Dohme

If you act fast, you can get the Stan Desk: Adjustable Standing Desk for just $16.99 during the two-day Christmas sale. Simply enter the code MERRY15 at check-out for 15% off, sitewide.

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