Are You An Avid Camper? Check Out This Solo Stove Campfire

Emily Lynch Contributor
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Anyone who has gone camping knows the struggle of starting a good ole fashioned campfire. Sometimes weather conditions are too wet or too humid to start proper fire. That’s why Solo Stove invented this Campfire 2 Pot Set Combo!

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Get the Solo Stove Campfire 2 Pot Set Combo for just $169.98 (26% off) when you click here, plus free shipping!

The convenience of this product is simply unmatched. To start a fire, there’s no batteries or liquid fuel required. Wow! This fire starts by secondary combustion, making it one of the most efficient campfire starters in its class. Because of the secondary combustion technology (when pre-heated air is fed back into the firebox through smaller hole on the top of the gadget), there is very little smoke emitted from the flame. This is awesome because too much smoke can be malodorous and potentially harmful to breathe in.

This little invention only weighs about two pounds! It’s made from stainless steel with nichrome wire. Standing at only about 10 inches tall, it will fit into any backpack perfectly without any hassle. Whether you want to roast marshmallows or fry up a freshly caught fish, this campfire pot has got you covered. Your purchase will come with the campfire starter pot and a pot to cook tasty food in!

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With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from more than 250 people, we’re sure you’ll love this ingenious campfire stove. Listen to what some customers had to say about their purchase:

“Product does exactly what it claims. It burns incredibly clean and smokeless with dry wood and even burns damp wood with ease albeit with some noticeable smoke upon addition of damp wood. The gassifier holes on the side seem to be doing their job and provide some cool visuals as an added bonus. Boiled 2 quarts in just over 5 minutes with the included pot.”

“We LOVE our Solo Campfire! We debated and compared stoves long before choosing this as our first camping stove. Awesome choice! We haven’t been camping yet but we have used it to roast smores, fry up hot dogs in our cast iron skillet, and steam broccoli in the large pot that came in the set.”

“This stove is brilliant. It’s so easy to start a fire. Basically it starts every time. I’ve used it to cook with as well as a general camp fire to sit around. It gives off a good heat. It’s a good trade-off with size and heat.”

Don’t wait! This Solo Stove Campfire is a hot commodity in the camping world, so get yours here for only $169.98!


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