Judge Rejects Ghislaine Maxwell’s $28.5 Million Bail Package As She Complains About ‘Onerous Conditions’

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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A federal judge rejected British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell’s $28.5 million bail package Monday.

US District Judge Alison Nathan’s full rejection order is sealed, but she released a two-page summary detailing her reasons for denying Maxwell’s bail deal, according to an article published by the New York Post.

“The Court concludes that none of the new information that the Defendant presented in support of her application has a material bearing on the Court’s determination that she poses a flight risk,” court documents obtained by the outlet said. (RELATED: Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Admits To Bringing Young Women To The Billionaire)

Nathan claimed her decision was based on the nature of the crime, the weight of the evidence and Maxwell’s background, according to the New York Post reported.

Nathan is the same judge who previously denied Maxwell’s request for $5 million bail and home confinement. The $28.5 million bail package put forth by Maxwell’s lawyer in response reportedly represents all assets owned by the socialite and her husband, tech CEO Scott Borgerson, the outlet reported.

Maxwell has complained of her prison conditions claiming the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) “imposed extraordinarily onerous conditions of constraint on Ms. Maxwell to avoid the catastrophic consequences of negligence occurring at the [Metropolitan Correctional Center] that resulted in the death of Jeffrey Epstein,” according to the New York Post.

As previously reported, Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on July 2. The British socialite was allegedly involved in Epstein’s sex crimes against young girls.

Maxwell’s indictment claimed Maxwell knew that Epstein “had a sexual preference for underage girls” and that both Epstein and Maxwell “knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18.” Maxwell allegedly befriended the young women and “groomed” them for a sexual relationship with Epstein.