Spain Will Keep Record Of Anyone Who Refuses Coronavirus Vaccine: Report

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Spain is planning to keep a registry of citizens who refuse to accept the vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

According to a report from the Agency France Presse (AFP), Health Minister Salvador Illa has said that the vaccine will not be mandatory but the health ministry will keep a list of those who refuse the vaccine. That list may be shared with health ministries and governments across the European Union. (RELATED: Fauci Predicts A Return To ‘Some Form Of Normality’ — Next Fall)

Illa said in an interview with La Sexta television that the registry would only include those who were offered the vaccine and declined to take it.

“What will be done is a registry, which will be shared with our European partners … of those people who have been offered it and have simply rejected it,” he said.

Illa went on to reassure the people that the data collected would not be publicly available nor would employers have access to any of that information.

“It is not a document which will be made public and it will be done with the utmost respect for data protection,” he said.

Similar ideas have been floated in other parts of the world, such as a vaccine passport — which instead of tracking those who have refused the vaccine offers individuals the ability to prove that they have had it. (RELATED: ‘Promotes Justice’: CDC Appears To Recommend Some Essential Workers Skip The Vaccine Line Based On Race)